MA knitwear is created to inspire, connect, slow down, and value quality above fast trends.

Maddalena is convinced that “what we wear matters, we do it every day and it communicates our values.”


Background story

The idea for a knitwear collection came in 2018 after working several years in the fashion industry. Maddalena couldn’t help but think that the overall practices and methodologies in fashion have become outdated. She asked herself what the alternative could be and began researching ways to increase the product value while decreasing unsustainable production practices and keeping the end price fairly reasonable.


The spirit behind

Maddalena found the answer by creating a series of knitwear pieces that transcend seasons and contribute towards a long-lasting, high-quality wardrobe. Each piece comes to life through a personal process. Precious materials, such as long fiber cashmere, are Maddalena’s favorite. The shapes evoke carefree comfort and a sense of rich minimalism. This European project is designed in Antwerp and produced in Italy. Ultimately, the goal is for the garments to develop a life of their own in symbiosis with you, the wearer.


Building connection

We choose to sell only through personal channels in the pursuit of building a closer personal relationship with you, the costumer. This enables us to truly connect and offer garments that reflect real women’s (and hopefully one day men’s) needs. By selling through our own channels, we are able to offer a sweater for half the price of what it would cost in a store.



Maddalena Annunziata is a German-Italian, Antwerp-based designer. She studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp, where she is also currently teaching. After working for designers such as Christian Wijnants and Sharon Wauchob, she launched her knitwear collection in the fall of 2018.