Care Instructions



Our knitwear is made of natural fibres. Cashmere and wool are naturally self-cleaning. They have anti-bacterial and odor-repellent characteristics.  Wash your knits only a view times per season to guarantee their longevity. In the event of a spill simply spot clean the area gently with a damp cloth or a sponge. Never rub the fabric, as it will encourage pilling. Between wears refresh your knit outside away from direct sunlight.You can also hang your knit in the bathroom while showering. The steam refreshes the garment.



Hand wash knits with lukewarm water (about 30°), using a special detergent for wool or knitwear. Don’t use garment softener, since it can dry out the fibre.  Never wring or twist the garment. Gently press the excess water out with a towel. Dry your knit flat on a fresh towel until thoroughly air-dried. Dry your garment away from direct sunlight. You can steam or iron your knits through a cotton cloth to return it to its original state.



Knitted garments should be neatly folded on a shelf, not a hanger. They should be in a clean, sealed environment for protection against moths. If you want to store your garment for a longer period of time best store it in a cotton garment bag.



Cashmere and wool knitwear can be prone to pilling. Especially in areas of friction, like the underarms pilling will occur. Please us a sweater comb to regularly remove the pilling. After combing your knit several times the pilling will lesson.